Commercial Shop Fitting Services

At Level Contracts, our focus is on bringing your property back to life with a dazzling new interior that gets rid of old clutter and gives your clients a reason to get excited about your store. With our commercial shop fitting service, that’s exactly what you get: high standard, commercial level fittings that will help you re-imagine your space.

Great commercial shop fitting is about considering a wide range of different factors and bringing them all together in one cohesive design. So, while we always love working to our clients’ precise specifications, we can also offer a professional design service that will help you feel sure that nothing important has been forgotten about. This includes:

  • Ease of use for your employees – a simple layout will save time stocking shelves, organising products and doing other tasks that take your staff away from the customers they should be serving.
  • Simplicity for customers – you want to be sure that your store offers customers a clear ‘journey’ which takes them through an easy to navigate layout, that they’ll be able to find what they need with ease, and that there will be plenty of space for them to get around.
  • Fittings that highlight specific products – whether you want to draw attention to high-end items or to cut-price products, your star purchases should be allowed to stand out. A good commercial shop layout will make this a breeze.
  • Attractive furnishings that complement your store – how you want your commercial interior to look should really depend on what you’re selling. For food, you want furnishings that help give a sense of freshness, while with jewellery you need something that will offset the sparkle of precious stones. This is something that we’re always happy to advise on.

An Easy Commercial Shop Fitting Process: From Consultation to Installation

Whenever we work on commercial shop fitting contracts across Northampton, we focus on making the process as simple as possible for you, offering a full service that takes you through every stage. Whether you’re opening your first store, or expanding a busy chain, we’re able to cope with your unique demands.

  • Level Contracts will visit the site before the contract is agreed on, to ensure that we have a real understanding of your project and the space that we’ll be working with.
  • We will involve you throughout the design process, to whatever extent you prefer, so the project is always in your hands.
  • During the installation itself, we will work with expert trade people who can work efficiently and to an excellent standard. Our team will always be equipped to deal with any unexpected changes or complications – so when we finish the job, all you have to do is plan the reopening!

After working with so many clients throughout the years, each with their own very distinct needs, we’ve been able to refine this process. The key factor has always remained the same, though: making your store as attractive as it can be for your customers.

Why Does Commercial Shop Fitting Matter?

While people opening up a brand new store will no doubt want to bring in a professional team to get the biggest head start possible, when you’ve been running a shop for a long time it’s easy to get comfortable with the fittings that you’re used to.

The trouble is that getting your customers in the right mood to make a purchase is a delicate art that includes aspects of psychology; it’s important that your shop stimulates people into buying! The layout and design of your interior space is one of the biggest factors in making this happen: you need to use the right colours, make the space warm and inviting, ensure that it feels open rather than claustrophobic, direct customer’s eyes to the right products… the list goes on!

This means that there’s never a bad time to get a fresh new facelift for your commercial property.

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